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Mike Foley has managed two Back Bay rental units for me for over ten years. When I lived in Boston I did it myself but after moving to the west coast, I found it untenable. BCM / Mike has done an outstanding job for me whether it’s getting good tenants or dealing with specific building issues I.e. infestations. He’s a good natured guy who easily establishes a rapport with his clients. Most importantly Mike is very responsive, that goes a long way when as an owner you’re three thousand miles away.

Maureen D.

My condo association has been working with Michael and his team at Boston Condominium Management a bit more than a year. They are a huge improvement over the last management company we had. They are all extremely professional, responsive and helpful. They have great systems in place that let the do all the admin stuff easily and give anyone in the condo association quick access to as much of the detail as they want. Everyone at BCM is a pleasure to deal with and I would certainly recommend them to any condo association (especially a small one like us – but I’m sure they do just as well with the bigger ones). — A happy Boston Condo Management customer

Laura P.

A very important job for Boston Condo Management is to find a good tenant for owners that rent their flat. Mike Foley and his company has always found a good tenant for my condo.

Mary A.

Professional, reliable, provides outstanding service. Highly recommend.

Matt P.   

Enthusiastically gets things done. Have worked with other management companies and BCM is the best!

Patrick A.

It was a great pleasure to work with you the past 8 years! Wow, we were blessed to of met you. In retrospect I am truly amazed how easy you made everything seem. You always gave us great property advice, found trusted renters and in the end a buyer. We wish you the very best in the future, my friend.

Dave and Renee

I’ve got to thank you so much for taking care of that difficult air conditioner problem for me. It’s a source of great comfort to have you watching out for my interests and especially saving me all that $.  I really lucked out the day you were referred to me!!!!  Thanks once again.

Joe Feller

You really are the best company in real estate business- responsible and responsive, whom I have ever met including my current experience at LA area. It has surprised me that you like to ask for protocol to follow with Boylston Condo Trust, though the security bars on inside of the window. Next time when I go to Boston or if you have a chance to come to LA, I shall treat you a dinner to pay a respect to your expertise.

Albert Tsai

BCM has been managing my property in Boston for 4 years, and that’s how long I haven’t been there for, couldn’t be happier.

Arvin H.

I live on the west coast and BCM has managed my Fenway condo for 2 years. He handled a bed bug infestation instantly, satisfying both the tenant and me. He is responsive, efficient and honest. I recommend him without hesitation.

David W.

BCM are excellent property managers. I am less anxious about owning a rental property out-of-state knowing that BCM manages my unit. They are reliable and efficient. I highly recommend their services to anyone searching for a property manager in the Boston area.

Roy B.

BCM has managed my property — a 3-bedroom condo in Back Bay — for more nearly five years, and I am absolutely delighted with them. I am a Bostonian temporarily exiled in New York, so I’m too far away to cope with any emergencies at my apartment myself. Therefore, I rely utterly on BCM if anything goes wrong, and they have never let me down. BCM has always been available when needed; always brings in competent and very reasonably priced suppliers when appropriate (in a few cases, BCM even fixed some minor problems themselves), and has pointed out a couple of key preventative maintenance issues that I hadn’t even considered.  BCM has also been great with my tenants, who regularly worked with him quite smoothly (and that’s despite the fact that one of my tenants was a bit of a crank who didn’t work very smoothly with ANYbody). I can recommend them without reservation.

Mac J.

One may expect only consistent professional experiences with BCM.

John S.

I am an absentee condo owner and could never have been a successful lessor if not for BCM. BCM has not only made sure that my property has been occupied continuously for the last 6 years, but also has taken care of any issues that arise from the tenant. There is absolutely nothing that BCM could have done better over the last 6 years as the steward of my property. I consider myself lucky to have found them.

Nick G.